British Officer Light Cavalry Saber Wellington Army

Sword for an english light cavalry officer, the design is inspired by the1788 and 1796 Light cavalry patterns swords for troopers. 

May be purchased by a young hussar officer from the Wellington Army during the Napoleonic Wars.

It has a very curved blade, fancied by the english hussar officers. The tip of the blade is double edged.

It is a sword for slashing, even today the steel blade remains sharp.

Weighting 0.64kg and 1.02 kg with scabbard, twice as less as the AN XI from the Napoleon Army ( check the one in our collection).

The hilt has a"D" or "Stirrup" pattern with a single knuckle-bow, two half languets and a super light iron scabbard.

It is a very effective and well balanced sword, dedicated to close combat and cutting.

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Sergeant major 15th Hussard with Officer of 10Th Hussar
carrying our sword circa 1808

Hussar and Highlander Officers carrying a similar pattern

Double edged at the blade tip and combat wears

Very thin iron scabbard

Hussar highly curved blade sword