Swords and Sabers Glossary

French Colichemarde Silver Small Sword XVIII th Century

A:   Tang button
B:   Pommel
C:   Grip
D:   Knuckle-guard
E:   Grip Washer
F:   Quillon
G:   Arms of the Hilt
H:   Shell
I:     Ricasso

1822 Pattern French Heavy Cavalry Saber

A:   Penned tang
B:   Pommel cap
C:   Leather Wrapped Grip
D:   Principal branch
E:   Lateral branches
F:    Lower Guard
G:   Quillon
H:   Curved Montmorency Blade
I:    Fuller
J:    Suspension rings
K:   Flat back blade
L:   Tip or Point
M:  Scabbard Tip