French Gold Small Sword XVIII Century

French Small Sword from the XVIII century with gold gilding, it is a civilian weapon for European aristocrats.

Brass and silver hilt "à pas-d'âne" with gold gilding representing various characters posted on the pommel, knuckle-guard, the quillon and shell.

The hilt has a classic "8" chiseled shape.

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The art of fencing

Triple-edged blade with a triangular cross section and a deep fuller, 71 cm long and 2.4 cm at the ricasso. Engraved with gold entrelacs design.

Gilded pommel with silver braid wire

Deep fuller

Duelling with Chevalier de St George and D'Eon de Beaumont

Louis XV from France

Interlacings on the ricasso

By far, the french small sword was the most common weapon of the 18th century aristocracy...on the battlefield they were using broadsword, wallonne and later sabers.

The weapon came into vogue in Europe around the fourth quarter of the 17th Century. The smallsword is instantly recognizable for its hilt, typically featuring an 8-shaped plate, a single short quillon, two small arms (that get progressively smaller in the course of the 18th Century and called "à pas-d'âne") and a knucklebow. 

The hilt, compared to the rapier’s, was simple and smartly functional, consisting of no more than an elliptical plate, or two shells and a light knuckle guard.